ULC Certified Monitoring Building an Enterprise takes a lifetime to build. Your life and lives of hundreds and thousands of your employees and their families depends upon it. And it is just too much to be left to fate or chance. You need to secure your business or commercial establishment with the best that there is. And the best is ULC Certified Securitron Canada Alarm Commercial Monitoring service. We are prepared to be a part of all your emergency handling and response plans. We thrive on the most challenging and complicated enterprise security and protection plans. With our 5 Monitoring Centres spread across the country for redundancy and safety and manned by trained and effective Securitron Canada Alarm Security Experts, we are equipped to handle any disaster that may strike. The Securitron Canada Alarm Enterprise Monitoring Benefits:State-of-the-art systems with systemic redundancy for enhanced security.The Securitron Canada Alarm Security Experts advantage. Support when you need it, where you need it.

The Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) is pleased to announce that Securitron Canada has obtained the prestigious “CSAA Five Diamond Certification.”

This Certification testifies that 100% of their central station operators have achieved proficiency and certification by passing the CSAA Central Station On-Line Operator Training Course. These courses cover virtually all phases of central station communications with customers, law enforcement, fire and emergency services communications centers. This critical area of communications is the life-saving link between the residential or business properties and the law enforcement, fire and emergency services in local areas.

In order to achieve the “Five Diamond Certification,” each and every operator must have not only passed the course, but demonstrated:

Proficiency in alarm verification, which helps reduce false alarms;

Proficiency in communications with the Public Service Answering Points, such as the Emergency 911 centers;

Knowledge of electronic communications equipment, including radio;

An understanding of the codes and standards of such organizations as Underwriters Laboratories, Factory Mutual, the National Fire Protection Association and others; and

Proficiency in the area of emergency preparedness under a wide scenario of possibilities.


In addition, these Five Diamond companies have demonstrated an exceptionally high degree of responsibility to their local community and their customers through the investment of time, money and commitment to 100% quality operator training.

There are approximately 2,700 central stations in the United States, which communicate and interact with the law enforcement, fire and emergency services agencies. Of this group, fewer than two hundred central stations have achieved the “Five Diamond Certified” status.

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