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Evaluation of your security needs

Using the information we’ve gathered during our review of your site as well as answers from our initial consultation with you about security threats and other activity you wish to capture on camera, we’ll put together an evaluation that address your specific security needs and concerns. We will also provide recommendations for best practices in video security and storage.

Recommendations for camera locations

Our experts will also make suggestions about camera placement. We know the right questions to ask in order to determine where security is needed. We’ll help make sure that cameras are placed where they are going to be the most effective.

Recommendations for networking, wireless, and cable locations

In addition to camera placement, our IP video experts can also design a wireless network and plan transceiver locations if necessary. We’ll evaluate strategic locations for cabling for your video surveillance system offering suggestions on how much will be needed and where to run it.

Recommendations for video management and storage

Whether you are using an IP or CCTV security camera system, our video experts will help determine how much hard disk drive storage is needed and make recommendations for video management solutions. If your system will be using IP cameras, we’ll recommend network video recorder (NVR) server or video management software (VMS) options. This ensures camera compatibility and video recording performance. For systems using CCTV cameras, we will provide recommendations for digital video recorders (DVR) based on security and system growth needs.

Technical Support

Getting started with an IP security camera system can be tricky, especially if the technology is new to you. Our experienced technical support team is standing by ready to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. We can also connect to your computer remotely to provide direct assistance.

If you would like the convenience of Plug and Play setup, we also offer a paid Camera Configuration Service. For truly easy and fast setup, your cameras will be ready to mount right out of the box. We’ll take care of firmware updates, IP address assignment, and network video recorder setup if you purchase an NVR server with your system. 


Securitron Canada offers Digital Video Surveillance System to meet the requirements of the industry and your company.One of the most costly company loses is theft year in and year out,having the proper surveillance in place over high-risk areas like parking lots, cash areas, shipping and receiving areas and file rooms can improve the companies bottom line and work place safety. Providing a means to watch employee performance, it will help increase productivity, ensure loss prevention and hence, save money.

Our Video Surveillance Security System  inclusive of state-of-the-art cameras, IP cameras and analog cameras, which can be integrated with access control systems. As a result, you can easily focus on running your business with the professionally designed and installed digital surveillance systems from Securitron Canada