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At SECURITRON CANADA Inc.are always happy to assist your company with their Video Surveillance needs. We have assisted companies with a basic 4 camera system project to companies that required a system offering well over 100 cameras using a combination of analog and IP and everything in between, including PTZ’s and coverts. It doesn’t matter the size of your company, or how great your needs are. In our eyes, your still a customer who is entitled to a great product, at a great price by professionals who do what they promise. 

SECURITRON CANADA Inc., we offer camera systems that will cover exactly what areas of your business that requires monitored visibility. Our systems will allow remote viewing either from a computer off site or by your Smartphone anywhere in the world. We can integrate your cameras with your POS (point of sale). Integration of fire detectors, heat detectors, carbon monoxide and flood detection will improve response time from the local emergency units by verifying the exact location in the building which requires attention.

All our employees remain up to date & current with their training & certification including WHMIS, First Aid Training & Fall protection. We are P.O.S.T. 

 CCTV camera systems and video surveillance are imperative for all businesses, whether you operate an office complex of 100 employees or own a small local restaurant. A proper CCTV camera system is one of the best ways to keep an eye on your business and your employees.But why should you choose to have a CCTV Security Surveillance System? Aren’t they expensive and complicated to operate? Aren’t they only meant for supermarkets and banks?Video surveillance is one of the fastest growing and most popular segments in the security industry ... however, I recommend you be careful with what you buy, because not all CCTV Video Surveillance Systems are equal ... a 16 camera system from Costco, or Home Depot for $800 is not what a professional security company will sell you, and will make you vulnerable with a "false sense of security".Here are some things you should know about CCTV Cameras and Video Surveillance Systems, which should hopefully clear your doubts and convince you to install one for your business premises today.CCTV Video Surveillance Is Not A Deterrent: The sight of CCTV cameras alone in you facility is often enough to discourage some customers, or staff, from shop lifting making them think twice before stealing something, but it is not a deterrent. Professional thieves will know how to quickly get around and exploit the weaknesses your CCTV camera system.CCTV Camera Surveillance Systems Aren’t As Expensive As You May Think When You See The Operational Value, And They're Not As Complicated To Use Either:CCTV video surveillance systems are not expensive, nor complicated to operate and maintain. Operationally, wouldn't it be great if you could record your staff's activities when you are not there. Wouldn't be beneficial if you could dial in remotely at any time to see how things are going on site?Wouldn't it be valuable to have a record of your products received and shipped … i.e. a record of damaged, or short shipped products being received, or a real record of product being fully shipped out of your facility not damaged?Many of the best CCTV surveillance system companies will have consultants and technicians on hand to help you plan your optimum installation and help you to use the video surveillance system properly. When you evaluate the operational up-side of CCTV camera systems they really aren’t as expensive as many think them to be. With high quality, HD high resolution CCTV cameras now available they add a lot of additional security and there are many other security technologies that can be integrated into your CCTV Camera Systems.